Rokbak and Euro 2024: strength, teamwork and tartan pride
11 July 2024

The 2024 UEFA European Football Championship is delivering yet another sensational summer of sport. For Scottish articulated hauler manufacturer Rokbak, the tournament is not only a celebration of the best European football talent, but a timely reminder of the core values that drive success in any business.

Members of the Rokbak team show their support for Scotland during Euro 2024.

While Scotland may be home from Euro 2024 already, the Tartan Army did Rokbak proud in Germany, showcasing the very best of Scottish character, grit and support. The results did not go the Scots’ way, but provided enjoyment regardless, and, for Rokbak, produced some thoughts on how the tournament, its teams and fans embody important elements of the industry and an effective approach to business.


1. The pursuit of excellence

There will only be one winner of Euro 2024, but the relentless pursuit of excellence on show is at the heart of the Rokbak mission. While games must be won on the pitch, the foundations are set on the training ground. Just as football teams train tirelessly to outperform their rivals on the big stage, as a proud Scottish articulated hauler manufacturer, Rokbak invests in equipment, services and people to ensure our trucks deliver winning performances on the job site.


2. Teamwork makes the dream work

 Football is the ultimate team sport, where success is impossible without collaboration, communication and support. At Euro 2024, teams must work seamlessly, with each player contributing their unique strengths. At Rokbak too, we believe great things are accomplished when individuals come together – the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. By sharing expertise and supporting one another, Rokbak fosters a collaborative environment to allow us to deliver the very best product. During Euro 2024 we have seen this teamwork extend to the management and the fans. And, for Rokbak, customers and dealers are an important part of the team. We run an open-door policy at our Motherwell factory that reflects our commitment to collaboration and teamwork with all our stakeholders.


3. The highs and lows of ‘consumption’

 Let’s face it, going to watch the football is as much about the social as it is about the sport. But while the Tartan Army was setting its own record highs for beer consumption, at Rokbak we’re more focused on setting record lows for fuel consumption. Having a beer or two while watching the game is all part of the enjoyment, but for Rokbak customers fuel consumption is the biggest cost of operating an articulated hauler. That’s why the Rokbak RA30 and RA40 ADTs feature EU Stage V engines that can produce a fuel consumption saving of up to 7% when compared to the previous EU Stage IV engines.


4. Don’t forget to have fun!

One of the best aspects of Euro 2024 is its ability to bring people together from all walks of life, united by a love for the beautiful game. Over 200,000 Scots travelled to Germany for the start of the competition – around 4% of the entire population of Scotland! They went on to be voted the best supporters at Euro 2024, mingling with football fans from all over the continent. It’s a useful reminder of the importance of community and collaboration, and, most importantly, taking enjoyment and pride in what we do. Since rebranding in 2021, Rokbak trucks have found new homes in countries such as France, Germany, Poland and Czechia – as well as much further afield. For Rokbak, business is all about building strong, lasting relationships with our customers and dealers – and most importantly, loving what we do.


5. Celebrate success

Euro 2024 has underlined the core values that drive success – excellence, teamwork, innovation, resilience and unity. These are values Rokbak is proud to share. Supported by the Volvo Group, in the first two years since relaunching in 2021 Rokbak recorded a 55% increase in global sales, and today our trucks are in applications around the world, continuing to meet industry challenges head-on. Like the very best football teams, Rokbak articulated haulers are made for the toughest challenges and roughest arenas, and ready to take on any opposition.