Haul Track Your Rokbak Telematics system

Your Rokbak hauler was a great investment. But investments need rock-solid protection. That’s why we developed Haul Track, a telematics system that watches over your machine and protects it from misuse – wherever it is.

Haul Track explained
Haul Track is a hard-working data-led system with advanced GPS technology which can pinpoint your hauler’s location and track its movements. It transmits real-time data to your internet connected device which can then be downloaded as reports on your device and printed for safe keeping.

Tonnes of clear information

Haul Track has the power to put operating intelligence at your fingertips. It tells you:

  • Machine hours worked
  • Engine speed and idle time
  • Advanced monitoring of machine systems, temperatures and pressures
  • Fuel consumed
  • System fault code alerts
  • Machine location
  • Productivity
  • Payload (with optional Rokbak weigh load system)


Out of sight doesn’t have to mean out of mind. Our bespoke Haul Track system, gives you more visibility and control of your machine with live data viewable on desktop computers or mobile devices. So wherever you are, you can protect your investment.

Plan ahead with maintenance alerts

Haul Track now provides detailed maintenance alerts which are sent directly to your email inbox in advance of the scheduled maintenance event. The alert email will direct you to the relevant Haul Track portal page to provide a list of specific machine items that require servicing or inspection, including part numbers and a link to the relevant pages of the maintenance manual. Everything you need to proactively plan scheduled maintenance for maximum uptime.

Your fleets data all in one place

AEMP 2.0 API is now standard for every hauler that leaves our factory. This advanced application programming interface is the result of industry wide collaboration and enables owners of a variety of machines to manage all their telematics data with ease.

Keep on top of faults

Haul Track also provides machine fault alerts which are sent directly to your email inbox in the event that a fault has occurred. Receiving instantaneous or daily fault alerts maintains effective operational costs by minimising downtime and protecting your investment.

Productivity at your fingertips

On-Board Weight load system is now available to take control of your efficiency. This comes with a separate Human Machine Interface (HMI) screen which connects with Haul Track to provide live payload data for enhanced productivity reporting, allowing operators to keep on top of their load.

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