Case Studies

Backbone you can bank on

They’ve taken to the terrain and handle the surfaces well, and are proving to be real assets

Three RA40s are moving huge amounts of aggregates, stone and rock close to North America’s largest and most famous mountain range.

We love the colour and design of the Rokbak dump trucks. Since the RA40s came onto site, the operator response has been nothing but glowing.

Three RA40 haulers in Alberta, Canada with FT Aggregates.

It’s been fantastic. It out-performs its competitors with its drivability. The fuel burn in particular has been very impressive – it’s half of some of its competitors.

Sydney-based DSA Contracting has been so impressed with the RA30 that they have already ordered another!

I really appreciate how easy the hauler is to handle in confined spaces – it’s so responsive when you have to make tight turns

The RA30 is taking everything in it's stride close to the famous Blue Ridge Mountains.

The seats are air cushioned, so you can bounce up and down with them. It doesn’t matter how bad the roads get. The cabin is almost like an independent capsule if you like – the driver comfort is fantastic.

An RA30 in Victoria, Australia is transporting hundreds of tonnes of rock a day.

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