Behind the scenes with Rokbak father and son duo
25 January 2024

If you work with Rokbak, you can consider yourself part of a family. However, for two employees who have both carved out successful careers with the Scottish articulated hauler manufacturer, that family-feeling has an even greater meaning. In this article, father and son Tommy and Garry Moore discuss their roles and why they think Rokbak is such a good place to work.

Tommy and Garry Moore are both part of the Rokbak team.

Rock-solid ethics, strong values and a rewarding place of employment — though Rokbak articulated haulers may be making in-roads globally, with Rokbak ADTs in operation across Asia, America, Oceania and Europe, the company’s reputation begins on the factory floor in Motherwell, Scotland. And that is built, first and foremost, on employee satisfaction.

Motherwell natives Tommy and Garry can proudly claim almost a quarter of a century’s experience with Rokbak between them. “It really is a great environment to work in,” says Rokbak Aftermarket Training Manager Tommy Moore. “The way employees are treated, whether that be on the assembly line or in the boardroom, is the key quality of the company. Everyone is valued.”

The younger Moore, Garry, began at Rokbak in March 2010, starting on the assembly line with body and hoods before moving into the Training Manager role in 2018. In 2021, he became Customer Support Manager, looking after Rokbak dealerships in the UK and across Africa. Tommy became Garry’s Rokbak colleague in 2016, also beginning on the assembly line building axles, and in the manufacturing engineering department and then customer solutions.

“Seeing our trucks in action first-hand and working closely with the people who operate them is a real reward for me,” explains Customer Support Manager Garry Moore. “We can sing the praises of the RA30 and RA40 all day long, but actually observing our machines up close and watching massive infrastructure projects being built knowing that you are some part of it is what it’s all about for me.”

Customer Support Manager Garry responds to global technical queries.

On the road

Though both Tommy and Garry call Rokbak home, they rarely find themselves in the same place at the same time.

“Our sales team visits specific regions to meet with different dealers to discuss the need for the product in the market,” explains Garry. “It’s my duty to ensure a dealer is firmly up to scratch on all things technical, including the aspects of warranty.

“Visiting a dealership regularly emphasises how we prioritise our relationships within our dealer network, which are crucial to our operation. It also ensures that each dealer is following the Rokbak process to the letter.”

Garry responds to technical queries, running through Haul Track telematics and supporting other members of the team working out of the Motherwell factory, as well as offering back-office support for colleagues in the USA, Australia and mainland Europe.

“I’m always out and about, visiting customers, dealers and job sites, conducting operator familiarisation,” says Garry. “This means taking the customers, technicians and the drivers through all of the RA30 or RA40 controls and making sure they know how to activate specific functions of each machine. We want to make sure these guys are going to be able to operate the trucks in a safe manner.”


Safety first

Rokbak’s customer-centric approach is emphasised by its ‘Bak Your Ambition’ messaging. This is about empowering efficiency by understanding and utilising the knowledge and expertise of Rokbak’s team of specialists that the investment in a Rokbak articulated hauler deserves. This means easing the pressure of tight margins and tough jobsites and adopting the customer’s success incentive.

Every person operating a Rokbak hauler is required to be fully up to date with the latest developments, with re-training programmes running across a four-day session every two years. This is where dad Tommy comes in. The course he teaches not only educates about the updated technologies of the Rokbak hauler but provides production insight as well, from the electrics and diagnostics to capabilities and limitations, so customers can really get the most out of their haulers.

“Knowing the proper maintenance and start-up and shutdown procedures help keep costs low,” Tommy elaborates, “And as a result attendees are keen to learn. People can really see the benefits small changes can make to total cost of ownership (TCO). Keeping things fresh and sustaining communication is something positive to be part of.”

Rokbak are with customers for the long haul, providing help whenever needed.

The strength of the Volvo Group

With more than two decades’ worth of experience with the company under their belts, Garry and Tommy have witnessed the growth of the Rokbak brand and the success of its products in the construction and earth-moving industries. The biggest leap forward for the off-highway truck product line came in 2014 when the company was purchased by the Volvo Group to become a division of Volvo Construction Equipment. Since then, the Volvo Group has invested millions of pounds in the products, people and processes at the Motherwell factory, with significant improvements made in every aspect.

“There’s a lot of scope for people to progress here,” says Garry. “To see promotion from within and the excellent apprenticeship programmes available is great. Year on year we bring in apprentices who go on to full-time roles. It’s progressive and there’s good collaboration between the teams, between operations, technology, sales and marketing. There’s a lot of good work that goes on.”

“We’ve got one of the best workshops in Scotland which benefits from continuous investment of the Volvo Group,” concludes Tommy. “What’s more, by being under the Volvo Group ownership, Volvo Group values and culture are part of our company. Ethically, Rokbak is an incredible company to work for. There’s investment year on year and we’re always striving to improve.”