Bak your ambition

For your Firm, Your Family and your Future
Long Hours. Tight Margins. Tough Worksites. We know exactly how hard our customers work. They want to forge something from the ground up. Something successful. Solid. And a dependable partner is the bedrock of that success.

Staying Connected

With Rokbak, out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. Every hauler is AEMP enabled for streamlined mixed fleet management and comes with our Haul Track telematics system in-built to keep you connected. Find your fleet 24/7 with GPS tracking and get real time data.

Empowering Efficiency

Our haulers are easy to maintain. Easy to use. Safe and comfortable for operators. This means when you invest in a Rokbak hauler, you get high operator comfort, satisfaction and productivity.

Supporting Sustainability

Our machines don’t just save you money with lower fuel consumption – they help save the planet. Our engines come HVO ready as standard with no drop in performance. And a Rokbak hauler’s durability means extended maintenance intervals for high uptime, less waste and lower CO2 emissions.

Inspiring Innovation

Your Rokbak hauler comes with innovation built in. From the drawing board to the factory to the jobsite, every part of the process is designed to keep your hauler, and your bottom line, rock solid. Like our haulers, we never rest – we’re always redesigning, tweaking, improving and building for the future.

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