Rokbak Hauler Telematics

Solid Today and Tomorrow

A Sustainable Future

We believe in a sustainable future and we're working hard to build it. We've committed to ambitious environmental targets and this responsibility runs through everything we do - from the innovation of our haulers to the efficiency of our entire business.

Karen Anne Duffy, HSE & Sustainability Manager

Less impact on the environment and your running costs

With durable, proven construction, safe and quick service access, and extended maintenance periods, high uptime makes every Rokbak more productive and sustainable.

Global Low Emissions

All Rokbak haulers are built for global CO2 emissions compliance with confirmed low fuel consumption. With our load sense hydraulic systems also reducing energy and heat demand.

Extended Maintenance Periods

Our haulers are installed with magnetic suction filters in all hydraulic reservoirs for high protection against environmental contamination.

Smaller and robust Rokbak RA30

Landfill Free Manufacturing

Our Motherwell site is now nearly landfill free and we are planning to apply for Volvo Group's certification for demonstrating that at least 95% of waste is diverted from landfill.

Rokbak Hauler Telematics

Improving the here and now

Our Motherwell factory is Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certified which ensures all electricity comes from renewable sources. This is set to reduce our carbon footprint by 900 tonnes (992 US tons) per year. To reduce gas use, the factory has been compartmentalised into smaller working areas that are easier to heat, and new roller doors have been installed. These are equipped with motion sensors, automatically moving up and down and therefore reducing heat loss.

Facilities for the future
Interested in Rokbak Telematics?
Our bespoke Haul Track system watches over your machine, wherever it is.