Behind the scenes: Inside the Motherwell hauler factory
8 December 2021

Since the launch of the Rokbak brand, our hauler factory in Motherwell, Scotland, has undergone a makeover to reflect our new visual identity and values. Let’s take a look.

Facilities for the future
We have designed our haulers to be robust, easy to operate and easy to maintain for maximum uptime and productivity day after day.

Solid as a Rokbak

On September 1, 2021, we revealed our new Rokbak brand, built on an ambition to create the industry’s most robust and reliable haulers for shrewd, business-focused people running the toughest worksites around the world. Customers were already calling the machines we produce at our Motherwell factory ‘rock trucks’ as they never buckle under pressure, so the new name just made sense. The Rokbak brand perfectly encapsulates our global reputation for quality, reliability and performance that is solid as a rock.

Carved by a lifetime of hard work
Names may have changed but we are one of the oldest hauler manufacturers in the world with generations of knowledge passing through our teams for eight decades.

Carved by a lifetime of hard work

Our Motherwell factory opened in 1950 and since then, we have shipped tens of thousands of haulers to customers all around the world. So while the model numbers RA30 and RA40 are new, these articulated haulers are based on decades of engineering expertise. And because our team only makes one thing – rock-solid haulers – we are true experts. The new machines are our most efficient and productive machines to date, delivering new benchmarks in power, performance and reliability. But like all good specialists, we never stop learning and improving. 

Craft and graft
Rokbak haulers are crafted by highly skilled and experienced teams according to customer needs, while graft reflects everything Rokbak customers expect - hardworking haulers and hardworking people that never let them down.

Craft and graft in perfect balance

In addition to our Motherwell team’s hard work and commitment over the years, the new RA30 and RA40 haulers are the product of great skill and innovation. We place a sharp focus on professional development to keep our employees at the forefront of expertise and are committed to investing in our people and processes for a long, prosperous and sustainable future. 

Hardworking team
Rokbak is an approachable and dedicated partner that truly cares about customers and has their back no matter what from product availability to finance solutions, operating efficiency to servicing and parts.

The hardworking team have their feet firmly planted on the ground

Despite the quality of our heritage and machines, there are no egos in the team and we take nothing for granted. We appreciate that Rokbak wouldn’t exist without our customers and dealers and we make a point of listening to those out in the field – all wheels revolve around them. Our Motherwell team gathered feedback from the industry throughout the rebrand process to establish an identity and values that meets owners’ and operators’ needs both now and in the future. Customers wanted a hardworking brand they could rely on for no-nonsense, high uptime, high productivity machines along with care for the environment – and the rest is history.