Staying connected

With Rokbak out of sight doesn't mean out of mind.

Stay connected to your asset

Our machines come with Haul Track telematics as standard. Using GPS technology, Haul Track pinpoints your haulers location and transmits live data to your internet connected device allowing you to watch over your machine and protect it from misuse - wherever it is.

Peace of mind

Haul Track telematics gives you location visibility and control with live data updates 24/7 giving you complete control and confidence that your hauler is always pulling its weight.

Keep your hauler healthy with real time data

The onboard health and fault management system enables health monitoring and quick fault diagnosis allowing you to maximise uptime and protect your hauler.

improved maintenance alerts

Haul Track has the ability to provide detailed maintenance alerts which are sent directly to your inbox in advance. The alert directs you to the relevant Haul Track portal page providing a list of items that require servicing or inspection, including part numbers and a link to relevant pages of the maintenance manual. Everything you need to proactively plan scheduled maintenance for maximum uptime.

Helps to maximise the condition of your asset

Immediate access to performance history enhances maintenance planning and improves the performance and care of your hauler. You can anticipate and plan interventions to minimise downtime and maximise performance.

Haul track now AEMP enabled

Haul Track is now AEMP 2.0 enabled. Owners of mixed fleets now have the ability to manage their telematics data all in one place allowing smooth integration with your own systems.

instant vehicle control unit faults

Haul Track sends machine fault alerts directly to your inbox. The alert email will direct you to the relevant Haul Track portal page to provide more information. This minimises downtime and protects your hauler from faults that may have previously gone unnoticed.