‘Solid as a Rokbak’ living up to its promise with dealer, PT Uniquip
20 November 2023

Our partnership with dealer, PT Uniquip has gone from strength to strength since the rebrand to Rokbak back in 2021. They have even taken to social media to shout about our brand and haulers. Egika Agung Hananto, Technical Engineer at PT Uniquip has embraced the role as a Social Media Ambassador for Rokbak.

PT United Equipment Indonesia also known as PT Uniquip, headquartered in Jakarta is recognised as one of the leading dealers of heavy equipment in Indonesia. Together PT Uniquip supported by our Rokbak APAC team have sold a staggering 54 units to customers which are currently working on job sites across Indonesia. With Indonesia being rich in natural resources, mining is a crucial sector for the region’s economy, and this year alone has saw a 160% increase of Rokbak sales in the market!

Rokbak working in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Over the past year, alongside his normal duties of planning, conducting and evaluating technical training, Egika has also spread the word about Rokbak across his social media channels. He has showcased Rokbak haulers working on job sites across Indonesia, giving us and our followers an insight into the tough conditions our haulers are operating in across the globe.

Working with PT Uniquip for over a year now, Egika provides operator training to customers of our Rokbak machines. His training, like ours, allows operators to gain detailed knowledge through in-class learning to then being able to operate the machine from hands on practical experience and guidance.

Egika Agung Hananto in Palembang, Indonesia where five RA40 units are currently operating.

From the searing heat to the notorious Indonesian wet season, operators have been quick to praise the reliability and safety of our haulers. Every operator Egika has ever spoken with has provided glowing feedback. The comfort of the cab, easiness to drive, engine power as well as the safety of the engine brakes and transmission retarder are just a few key points which operators mention time and time again.

“What makes the Rokbak really stand out is the quality at the worksites, especially the performance of the engine and the fuel consumption combined with the toughness of the transmission and axle,” says Egika.

Egika training operators in Gebe Island, Indonesia where we have two RA40 units working.

The sand colour has also been received very well in the region, with many noting it stands out in comparison to other articulated haulers in the market. Seeing our haulers in action operating across different work sites, Egika is happy to say that ‘Solid as a Rokbak’ lives up to its promise.

With this outstanding feedback, we have seen an increase of new customers in the region. Several of these new customers have even built upon their original Rokbak fleet, hosting an impressive collection of our haulers. Thanks to our partnership with PT Uniquip, Rokbak has become a dominant presence in the Indonesian market.