Rokbak on its journey towards a more sustainable future
26 October 2022

Reducing environmental impact is a key tenet of the Rokbak brand and we are committed to achieving this through our entire business.

Rokbak Hauler Telematics
A key focus of Rokbak is to build a more sustainable future.

Over the past year we have been making significant changes to our site in Motherwell, Scotland.  Our admin building and other annexes have made the big switch from gas to electric-powered systems. Alongside this, we have implemented a further two key measures to reduce gas use. Firstly, the factory has been compartmentalised into smaller working areas which are easier to heat. New roller doors which are equipped with motion sensors have also been installed. They automatically move up and down when required, reducing heat loss. This is in contrast to the previous metal doors which had to be manually rolled up and were therefore often left open, allowing heat to escape. In terms of reducing waste, our site is now practically landfill free with 95% of waste being diverted from landfill.

As a business we are also extremely aware of our electricity usage. Submeters have been installed across the site to provide greater visibility over our electricity use, empowering teams to reduce unnecessary consumption. On a weekly basis we report and distribute the measurements to our employees, so we become more aware of our consumption, allowing us to improve each week and set standards. We also incorporate sustainability focused sessions into our monthly management meetings. This is where top management come together to brainstorm what it is we can do as a business to continuously move towards our mission alongside Volvo Group of achieving net zero by 2040.

Rokbak has been busy making changes to it's site in Motherwell, Scotland.

Earlier in the year, we welcomed With Many Roots who ran a climate change awareness workshop for our employees. This gave great insight into the impact we can all have at a personal level as well as how this links to our sustainability ambitions as a business. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed this session, learning a lot and we are hoping to continue these sessions to include each of our employees. We were also honored to attend and sponsor KHL’s online Sustainability Summit last month. Our HSE & Sustainability Manager, Karen Anne Duffy hosted a virtual booth speaking with attendees and telling them about Rokbak’s journey to a more sustainable future. This is only the beginning for Rokbak’s sustainability journey, and we are planning more involvement and initiatives next year to help us on our mission to build a better world.

Rokbak employees took part in a Climate Awareness workshop brainstorming new ideas to build a more sustainable future.