At Rokbak we bak’ your ambition
6 February 2024

For over 2 years, Rokbak has been growing at an exponential rate far beyond what we could have ever imagined back in 2021 when we revealed our new brand to the world. After a successful few years and months of hard graft and craft, we’re proud to bring the Rokbak story into its next chapter.


Bak’ your ambition explained

Our haulers are trusted to perform around the world, and our global team are relied upon to do the same. Our highly-skilled Rokbak team is loaded with generations of experience and pride, with many having worked with us for decades. With this wealth of experience, we wanted to bring a deeper understanding of what the Rokbak brand represents.

As well as our team, we know how hard our customers work for their future. To forge something from the ground up that they can pass on. And a dependable partner is the bedrock of that success. Someone in your corner who’s as committed to your ambitions as you are.

This human side of the campaign comes from knowing that business goals exist to feed personal goals. And Rokbak’s dependability, efficiency, and sustainability can help customers achieve both. We back them in their ambitions – whether that’s to head up an international empire or to retire as soon as possible! Because we know your future – your family’s – relies on your business.

Rokbak’s new campaign Bak You Ambition has customer values at its core.

Bringing bak’ your ambition to life

From numerous creative drafts to shoot planning, our team collaborated across departments to drive a customer-focused campaign to help build a solid foundation our customers can build their future on.

After much deliberation and months of planning, we were able to bring all our hard work together. In true Rokbak style of tackling rough terrain and tough conditions, we braved the Scottish elements of wind, rain and hail to bring the campaign to life. We worked with customers and dealers across the country to show our haulers working with real customers across a variety of real working conditions.

Behind the scenes of back your ambition campaign
Our team worked hard in the Scottish weather to bring the campaign to life.

Driven by you

We’re well-grounded, reliable and have a team filled with specialists who are committed to achieving our customers’ goals. So, we wanted to bring this to the forefront of our campaign and show our customers we’ve got their bak’ – no matter what.

Our four focus areas revealed last year have been refined. We’re Empowering Efficiency. Staying Connected. Supporting Sustainability. And Inspiring Innovation. These areas have been developed to achieve a customer-driven campaign to the very core.

Take your future in your hands. Grab your goals. And choose a solid partner with Rokbak.

Rokbak four focus areas
Our four focus areas efficiency, sustainability, connected services and innovation are the back bone of everything we do at Rokbak.